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The Dream Picnic Co is Yuma’s premier Popup Event Planning service. We’re dedicated to providing unique, memorable, and great fun events for all!

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The popup picnic concept is my answer to what do you do here in Yuma on a quiet day, SOMETHING DIFFERENT to do with 2, 3, even up to 4 more friends (5 total in your group). Or even better, when you can turn it into a romantic event for just the 2 of you!  Our picnics been so very well received here in Yuma, and then its grown, first by word of mouth, and then to putting up the site on Facebook and Instagram, and now we have our own website! We have a great time and like to share our fun! So many people asked me if I have a website (I didn’t at the time), so I decided to fix that, and now you have The Dream Picnic Co with its own website.

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  • 377 words2 min read

    The Deluxe Dream Picnic Alvantor takes your deluxe dream picnic to the next level, opening your view to your surroundings.

  • 370 words2 min read

    The Deluxe Dream Picnic for 4-5 guests is our most popular group event. Friends come together share an experience of a memorable event that's to dream about

  • 116 words0.8 min read

    Our dream picnic for a party of four. This is our base package for a party of 4, with a 5-guest maximum, to keep your dream picnic small and intimate for your enjoyment.