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    The Deluxe Dream Picnic Alvantor takes your deluxe dream picnic to the next level, opening your view to your surroundings.

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    Our dream picnic for a party of four. This is our base package for a party of 4, with a 5-guest maximum, to keep your dream picnic small and intimate for your enjoyment.

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    As we all know the weather (wind) here in Yuma can be unpredictable. We do our best to check the weather forecast BEFORE we make a reservation but sometimes, this can change and it's out of our control.

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    The time of the day sets the stage to create the perfect experience. Same place at different times can set the atmosphere, and we'll help you select the best time to plan your event

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    Home is where the heart is, and the perfect place to celebrate a very special occasion - like your anniversary! with a deluxe dream picnic.

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    A perfect day with the one you love. Another beautiful proposal for New Year's Eve! Great start for a new year. Congratulations Shane and Isabel!

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    ONLY ONE spot left available on Valentine's Day. 10AM-12PM. Book your event now to save your space.

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    Have You Seen Our New Tent? This will be part of our new premium package, and it's a definite upgrade for our tent. Perfect photo opp to record the moment.

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    At The Dream Picnic Co we know that flowers are important and help to set the stage for your popup picnic event. First impressions are everything, and we work with local florists to create that incredibly important first impression.

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    No babysitter? NO PROBLEM! Our picnics are family friendly! Get the family together and enjoy a nice picnic. This one was setup in their own yard. How fun?