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It really is about about creativity and attention to detail.  Picking the perfect location for your dream picnic requires getting to know something about the clients, as well as Yuma – many beautiful spots are available here in Yuma and we’ll help you select the perfect for your event,

Location is a critical part of the event planning process, as the location sets the stage for all that follows… We’ve carefully evaluated many locations in Yuma as potential locations for your Popup Picnic, but they are only suggestions. We’ll work with you to make sure we have the right location.

These are a few of the spots that have worked well for our previous customers.  It’s really just to help you start the process, because we’re in this together.  We DO NOT use a one-size-fits-all approach! Every popup picnic event is customized to ensure the absolute best experience for you, and we’ll go everywhere in Yuma County…

Here’s a quick list of places in Yuma that have well for our clients (and TBH us too!)

  • Friendship Park Water Tower
  • West Wetlands Park
  • You or your significant others friend, or special friend’s home
  • Your home
  • Your favorite location

This part of the initial planning for your event. We are flexible, and we’ll go the distance for you!

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