• Our Deluxe Dream Picnic is the way to go when you really want to make an impression. It speaks for itself that you did this to make the day extra special. OK, maybe we helped a little with the details!

  • The Dream Picnic for 2 includes a two-hour session at the location of your choice, and we do all the work!

  • At The Dream Picnic Co, decorations are important too. Table settings, picnic services, pillows, and more.

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Young or old, somewhere in between, there’s no doubt everyone does, and what better way to share some quiet time together with someone special – your loved one, your family, or a group of friends? Even better. a popup picnic with friends gives us a break from the constant stress of our daily activities – Yuma has definitely adjusted to a faster pace with more going on every day.  The Dream Picnic Co provides that perfect interlude just for you, and every event is planned to make the moment dreamy special – after all, WE are the Dream Picnic Co!

what our customers think of us

We’re dedicated to providing unique, memorable, and great fun events for all!

Michelle Evans

“Just Simply Made Our Day”

This was so great, and really fun times doing something different, and together. Brought back so many good memories of great times together, and now we have new memories to keep the fires burning. We want to do it again… soon!!!

Michelle Evans



Had a fantastic time, and will do it again soon. Never thought I’d find something like this in Yuma… so glad I did!

Chris Johnson


“Professional & Creative”

Professional from start to finish! Absolutely amazing experience, and can’t wait for the next adventure.

Lisa Davis