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The Dream Picnic Co – Yuma’s Premier Popup Event Planner

The Dream Picnic Co is Yuma’s premier Popup Event Planning service. We’re dedicated to providing unique, memorable, and great fun events for all! We pick the best popup picnic flowers!

Romance may be of the heart, but it begins in the mind. Whether you are just beginning to woo your heart’s desire, or romancing your long-time partner, your choice of flowers can set the mood. Enticing blooms from local florists here in Yuma, lush with color and scent, can create the perfect atmosphere for your romantic plans and your popup picnic —if it is done right. When you take the time to learn the likes and dislikes of your intended, you show that your interest is in them, personally, and not in an ideal or image you may have of them.  Ask your popup picnic planner for more details.

Flower help set the stage. Combined with your imagination and with the assistance of our skilled Event planner, we’ll help you create lasting memories! Roses are often the go-to flowers for romance—but some people simply do not like them. In fact, orchids or even wildflowers may be their blooms of choice. The first time you give the object of your romantic interest flowers that they dislike may be forgiven–but perhaps not the second. Our popup picnic event planners will assist you in your selection of the perfect floral arrangement to make your event truly something to feed your dreams!

Of course, you know best where you want to have your romantic or family picnic interlude, but don’t leave the flower choice and placement up to chance. A bouquet of flowers placed properly at your event, so that your flowers are visible no matter which way you turn, can add romance or build family bonding… to even an unromantic or just the usual family spot. Selecting a location with a special meaning (your first date, your first kiss, the list is endless…) makes it even more so. As can a single flower on a pillow inside your picnic enclosure.  A special single flower, standing alone in the sunlight or highlighted by sunlight streaming through a side screen of your event location. Consider the impact of the “perfect flower” at your popup picnic event at the entrance area to your event’s seating table. This is all part of our planning considerations that factor into your perfect dream picnic, and our specialty at The Drean Picnic Co. Every popup picnic event we plan is customized…  customized just for you!

At The Dream Picnic Co we know the value of the right flowers for the right special occasion, and we’ll help you with the selection to include the likes and desires of the one you are creating this event for, and for when you are deciding the most romantic areas in which to place your flowers.  It’s what we do… building the perfect dream picnic!

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