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At The Dream Picnic Co, decorations are important too. Table settings, picnic services, pillows, and more.  Ask us for more details and we’ll be glad to suggest combinations that we’ve found to make the event even better!

Decorating a picnic is a fun activity that may help you relax and focus on enjoying and spending time outdoors with people you love. On top of this, it can help clear your mind of everyday obligations. To help inspire you, The Dream Picnic Co has some ideas to make the perfect dream picnic event.

First of all, keep in mind that you can incorporate more or fewer elements, depending on the location you want to hold the picnic at. For example, it’s not the same to hold a picnic in your backyard than at the pond at The Wetlands or Friendship Park at the Water Tower (here, you can substitute any of your favorite picnic spots here in Yuma), so it’s important to keep your popup picnic location in mind.

We all know that picnics are a great way to reunite with those we love. A special occasion really isn’t necessary to plan a dream picnic (but it is more fun!). However, from our customer’s feedback a dream picnic event is especially memorable when used to commemorate a specific celebration spontaneously and uniquely. When it comes to decorating a popup picnic, it can always be adapted to your personal tastes.