The Dream Popup Picnic Co Testimonials

Some Kind Words From The Dream Picnic Co Customers…


We just had to get out and do something different. He works in San Diego, and just comes home on the weekends (Construction). Caught him completely off guard (he’s not very spontaneous, after 30+ years), but it really surprised him. Even better, it also reminded him why we fell in love so many years ago. He still tells me I can make him smile and laugh… and he didn’t stop smiling through the whole afternoon.

This was so great, and really fun times doing something different, and together. Brought back so many good memories of great times together, and now we have new memories to keep the fires burning. We want to do it again… soon!!!

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans


“What Can I Say – It’s The Bomb!”

OK, I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not real romantic, but I’m not blind either and recognize a good idea that will pay off long term.

Kayla (the event planner) handled all the details, and it came together better than expected.  Saying the GF was “stunned” would be a true understatement, and FWIW she was all smiles the rest of the day. Great time, and we’ll do it again soon!

Bryan Garcia


“Ok, real dream experience”

Fantastic! Lots of truth to that old phrase, Happy Wife, Happy Wife! We had a simply fantastic time and we both want to do it again, soon (and we will).

Wouldn’t be surprised if she sets the next picnic up to surprise me as she hasn’t stopped talking about this picnic.  Instant moment, that’s fine by me!

Joshua Clark


“Can’t find the words for how much fun we had”

OK, he likes to go to the river (I do to!), but something different sounded great. We both have busy lives, and this was perfect to spend some time together close to home, and just the two of us.  We may do our next picnic in our back yard. Kayla (the event planner) told me it’s getting pretty popular, and great for ambush dream picnics. Something to think about – believe me, I am. Whatever, I want to do it again soon!

Siobhan Adams


“This In Yuma, Blows Me Away”

Kayla (the event planner) asked me to rate our picnic, said I would, so here goes. First, she deserves 10 stars!

She handled everything and did it all for us. She handled the location, design (who would have thought a tent at a picnic – got some fantastic pictures), table for two, so it was casual but set the mood, and the take home souvenirs were a great idea to remind us of the fun time we had. My BF told me he wished he’d come up with it! Bottom line, it was perfect!

Lisa Davis