At the Water Tower Evening

The time of the day sets the stage to create the perfect experience. Same place at different times can set the atmosphere, and we’ll help you select the best time to plan your event for the most event specific time. Looking for just a fun time, or something more serious, natural light make a big difference. Let The Dream Picnic Co event planner work with you to coordinate every aspect of your picnic to set the perfect stage for the maximum impact.

From a dreamy backyard picnic to a popup dream picnic at the location of your choice, The Dream Picnic Co understands your need to create a memorable gathering. We can manage the details and allow you to be worry-free for the day of your event. Even if you want to do most of the planning for your event, we can be there to ensure everything is executed flawlessly and be ready to handle any last-minute issues that might occur.  Popup event planning is our specialty, and we work for you!

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